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How we can help you

The Brussels Interns NGO was built to serve as a tool and platform not only for interns, but for internship-providers as well. We have therefore worked hard in trying to find ways we could make YOUR internship experience, as a provider, easier. Here are our ideas: 

np   Stop overpaying to promote your internship advertisement! Use us as your platform to divulge your ad, and reach over 10,000 weekly viewers (website + social media platforms) for FREE (or counter a small donation :) ). More
 Think about the number of applications you receive everytime you post an ad for an internship position. Now consider that you can reduce that to 10, 15 or 20 relevant profiles by filling in a simple online form. We run the largest interns' database in Brussels - we can help. Find out more - click on the image.   glass
 light  We can also help guiding you in setting up your internship programme, ensuring it complies with widely accepted quality standards and, most importantly, with Belgian legislation. Contact us.