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The Brussels Interns NGO ASBL helped coordinate a Parliamentary question recently submitted by Members of the European Parliament – see below or download the question!

We will keep our followers informed of any developments!

Question for written answer E-009402/2015

to the Commission

Rule 130

Jutta Steinruck (S&D), Terry Reintke (Verts/ALE), Reinhard Bütikofer (Verts/ALE) and Petra Kammerevert (S&D)

Subject:       Quality framework for traineeships

The European Court of Auditors recently published a report criticising the implementation of the Youth Guarantee scheme (Special Report No 3/2015). Under the scheme, high-quality traineeships are one of the four forms of employment and/or training which can be offered to unemployed young people. In its reply to the Court of Auditors, the Commission referred to its March 2014 recommendation on a quality framework for traineeships as evidence of the progress made. It is still not clear, however, whether and how this recommendation is actually helping to improve the quality of traineeships in Europe.

1.    Which Member States have submitted information on the implementation of this recommendation?

2.    How will the Commission collect data and what quantitative criteria will it apply in order to determine whether a traineeship can indeed be regarded as high-quality work experience and, thus, an offer under the Youth Guarantee scheme?

3.    What yardsticks will the Commission and Member States set with a view to ensuring that all traineeships which meet the Youth Guarantee scheme criteria are new positions that will help young people make the transition from school to work and do not simply replace existing jobs?