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 Image by Steve Snodgrass

The Brussels Interns NGO ASBL (B!ngo) is proud to announce that it has developed a template agreement for internship programmes in Belgium.

The template aims at:

  • guiding internship-providers and internship-seekers
  • clarifying the legal framework in which internships are inserted in Belgium
  • counter the tendency of “unwritten internships”, which are ILLEGAL in Belgium

Based on the European Framework for Quality Traineeships, and on the Belgian labor legal framework, the template needs to be adapted to each internship programme in order to reflect the conditions offered by the internship-provider and accepted by the intern-to-be.


Brussels Interns NGO ASBL

The Brussels Interns NGO ASBL was created in 2013 as a grassroots association that promotes quality internships by helping both, internship-providers and internship-seekers.

The current situation

More than half of internships in Europe are unpaid. Almost 30% of interns don’t believe their experience was useful in finding a permanent job. More than 20% have done 4 or more internships. Internships are increasingly necessary to enter the job market, yet they are often of a poor quality – e.g. not offering agreements to interns.

The European framework

The European Framework for Quality for Traineeships, adopted by the Council Recommendation on a Quality Framework for Traineeships and agreed by EU employment ministers on 10 March 2014, establishes what minimum quality elements internship programmes should take into account.

Disclaimer: the Brussels Interns NGO ASBL cannot be held responsible for the misuse of the template. The Brussels Interns NGO ASBL reserves its right to update the template according to developments that may naturally take place at the legal framework level.